The inaugural Pavone healthcare trends report

It's here.

Pavone is proud to release its inaugural healthcare trends report.

Throughout our 25-year history, we’ve worked with countless organizations in health systems, public health agencies and insurance companies. Now more than ever, emerging research, technology and public health issues are rapidly reshaping healthcare as we know it.

We’ve been students of these drivers of change, diving deep into patient and consumer insights, speaking with experts, experiencing first-hand some alternative therapies and spending countless hours compiling our findings and applying them to the work we produce on behalf of our clients.

Covering topics like:

1.0 The Personal Patient

  • Bringing the doctor’s office home
  • The bot will see you now
  • Custom care

2.0 Track Your World

  • Preventative tracking
  • Tracking serious health issues
  • Remote monitoring

3.0 Natural Health

  • Nutrition nation
  • Wellness world
  • Nontraditional medicine

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